• Liquid Storage Solutions

    SOLICO Liquid Storage Solutions, Designs, Manufactures, Delivers and Installs a wide range of site assembled Rectangular Panel Type Tanks made from GRP / FRP these fluid storage tanks are covered by a well respected SOLICO Warrantee that has stood the test of time during nearly five decades of service to its clients. Included in this category are a range of Galvanised Mild Steel  and Stainless Steel sectional panel tanks.

    Also available is a selection of Cylindrical Steel Tanks made from various metals such as Zinc Alume, Galvanised Mild Steel, Epoxy Powder Coated and Stainless Steel which are site assembled by the SOLICO Erection Team and covered by the SOLICO Warrantee.

    Solico Tanks, Developed in Partnership with BASF.

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    Liquid Storage Solutions